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Taxi 4 2007 Dir Cut Bluray 720p English Subtitles

Taxi 4 2007 Dir Cut Bluray 720p English Subtitles: A French Action Comedy with English Subtitles

Taxi 4 is a 2007 French action comedy film directed by Gérard Krawczyk and written by Luc Besson. It is the fourth installment in the Taxi series, following Taxi (1998), Taxi 2 (2000) and Taxi 3 (2003). The film stars Samy Naceri as Daniel Morales, a skilled taxi driver who helps his friend and police officer Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec (Frédéric Diefenthal) to catch a dangerous criminal. The film also features Marion Cotillard, Emma Wiklund, Bernard Farcy, Jean-Christophe Bouvet and François Damiens in supporting roles.

Taxi 4 2007 Dir Cut Bluray 720p English Subtitles

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The Plot of Taxi 4

The film begins with Émilien and his colleagues arresting a Belgian criminal named Albert Vandenbosh (Jean-Luc Couchard), who is wanted by Interpol for various crimes. They take him to the police station, where they discover that he has a tattoo of a spider on his neck, which means that he is a member of the "Mercedes Gang", a notorious group of robbers who use Mercedes-Benz cars to commit their heists.

However, Émilien accidentally lets Vandenbosh escape from his cell, and he flees with the help of his girlfriend Lilly Bertineau (Edouard Montoute), who is also a member of the gang. Émilien is suspended from his job and decides to ask his friend Daniel for help. Daniel agrees to use his taxi, which is equipped with various gadgets and modifications, to chase Vandenbosh and his gang.

Meanwhile, Daniel's girlfriend Petra (Emma Wiklund) is pregnant and wants him to marry her. Daniel is reluctant to commit and tries to avoid the subject. He also has to deal with his mother-in-law (Mermoz Melchior), who dislikes him and constantly criticizes him.

Daniel and Émilien manage to track down Vandenbosh and his gang to Marseille, where they are planning to rob a bank. They team up with General Edmond Bertineau (Bernard Farcy), who is Lilly's father and Émilien's boss, and Alain (François Damiens), a clumsy police officer who is in love with Lilly. They also encounter Daniel's cousin Sylvain (Jean-Christophe Bouvet), who runs a car rental service and provides them with vehicles.

The film follows the adventures and misadventures of Daniel and Émilien as they try to stop Vandenbosh and his gang from robbing the bank and escaping with the money. Along the way, they face various obstacles and challenges, such as car chases, explosions, shootouts, kidnappings, disguises and betrayals.

The Review of Taxi 4

Taxi 4 is a fun and entertaining film that delivers what it promises: action, comedy and cars. The film has a fast-paced and humorous plot that keeps the audience engaged and amused throughout. The film has some impressive stunts and special effects that add to the excitement and thrill of the film. The film also has some references and homages to other films, such as The Terminator, The Matrix, Mission: Impossible and James Bond.

The film has good performances from the main cast. Samy Naceri is charismatic and likable as Daniel, the taxi driver who uses his skills and gadgets to help his friend. Frédéric Diefenthal is funny and sympathetic as Émilien, the police officer who is clumsy but loyal. Marion Cotillard is charming and beautiful as Lilly, the girlfriend of the villain who has a secret crush on Émilien. Jean-Luc Couchard is menacing and hilarious as Vandenbosh, the leader of the gang who has a phobia of spiders.

The film also has good supporting performances from Emma Wiklund as Petra, Bernard Farcy as General Bertineau, François Damiens as Alain, Jean-Christophe Bouvet as Sylvain and Mermoz Melchior as Daniel's mother-in-law.

The Box Office of Taxi 4

Taxi 4 was a commercial success at the box office. The film was released on February 14, 2007 in France, where it topped the charts and grossed 25.6 million in its first week. The film also performed well in other countries, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Spain and Turkey. The film's total worldwide gross was 65.8 million, making it the most successful film in the Taxi series.

The Reception of Taxi 4

Taxi 4 received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The film was praised for its action sequences, its humor and its cast, but criticized for its lack of originality, its plot holes and its stereotypes. The film has a rating of 5.5/10 on IMDb, based on 26,205 votes. The film also has a rating of 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 9 reviews.

The Sequel of Taxi 4

Taxi 4 was followed by a fifth installment, Taxi 5, which was released on April 11, 2018 in France. The film was directed by Franck Gastambide and starred him as Sylvain Marot, a police officer who teams up with Eddy Maklouf (Malik Bentalha), a cousin of Daniel Morales, to stop a gang of Italian robbers who use Ferrari cars to commit their crimes. The film also featured appearances from Samy Naceri, Frédéric Diefenthal and Bernard Farcy reprising their roles from the previous films.

Taxi 4 2007 Dir Cut Bluray 720p English Subtitles: A Conclusion

Taxi 4 is a French action comedy film that is the fourth installment in the Taxi series. The film follows the adventures of Daniel Morales, a taxi driver who helps his friend Émilien Coutant-Kerbalec, a police officer, to catch a dangerous criminal who is a member of the "Mercedes Gang". The film is a fun and entertaining watch that also delivers a social message. The film has a fast-paced and humorous plot, impressive stunts and special effects, good performances and references to other films. The film was a commercial success at the box office and was followed by a fifth installment, Taxi 5, in 2018. Taxi 4 is a must-watch for anyone who loves action, comedy and cars. d282676c82


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